From today to 2021.12.12, we will manually award you with free shopping credit in the form of Jumily excursive virtual giftcard when you shop over $49.99 per one single order without any return or refund (unless it's due to our fault, for example, product quality issue or wrong item).
When you shop
(per single order)
Free Shopping Credit
$39.99/+ Free Shipping
$49.99/+ $5 x 1
$59.99/+ per single order $10 x 1
$99.99/+ per single order $15 x 1
$199.99/+ per single order $15 x 2
$299.99/+ per single order $30 x 3


You will receive the e-voucher in a form of e-giftcard code by email, you may use it for yourself, or you can give the code to someone else.

Please note that each giftcard code is unique and can not be re-issued. If you  share the code with someone else, he/she will be able to use all the credit available from the card.



* reserve the right of explanation/interpretation for the event

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